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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)no.145 (2018-3-22)
A Study of the Special Exhibition of Latin American Music and Musical Instruments in the National Museum of Ethnology
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology 
Vol.42-3  (2018-3-22)
Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)no.144 (2018-3-15)
Food Culture and Daily Life in China under the Socialist System
Senri Ethnological Studies (SES) No.96 
Structural Transformation in Globalizing South Asia : Comprehensive Area Studies for Sustainable, Inclusive, and Peaceful Development
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology Vol.42-2  (2018-1-25)

Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)no.143 (2018-1-15)
How Do Biomedicines Shape People’s Lives, Socialities and Landscapes?


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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)no.113 Mongolian Buddhist Culture
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